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Central Park Zoo Shares Flaco the Owl Update

Zoo staff and avid bird watchers have been keeping a close eye on the owl since his escape earlier this month -- his enabler, the person who vandalized his exhibit, is also still at large

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It's been two weeks since one of Central Park's most notable residents flew the coop, and though Flaco the owl has at least been spotted eating, putting to rest concerns he couldn't hunt on his own, he continues to elude caretakers.

The Wildlife Conservation Society issued an update Friday on the Eurasian eagle owl, which has dominated local avian headlines since someone damaged his Central Park Zoo habitat earlier this month and he escaped. In its statement, the zoo says staff tried Thursday night to lure Flaco with bait and eagle owl calls, but the bird didn't go for it.

“Though he showed some interest in the calls, the attempt was unsuccessful," the Central Park Zoo statement said. "As we noted previously, efforts at recovering the bird have proven more difficult since he has been very successful at hunting and consuming the abundant prey in the park."

“We are going to continue monitoring Flaco and his activities and to be prepared to resume recovery efforts if he shows any sign of difficulty or distress," the statement added. "We will issue additional updates if there is a change in the eagle owl’s status or our plan changes."

Flaco's initial escape to Manhattan's 5th Avenue on Feb. 2 caught the surprise and attention of onlookers, as well as the NYPD. The owl later went back to the park and despite earlier concerns, now appears to be eating in the wild.

It's still not clear who vandalized Flaco's exhibit. That investigation is ongoing.

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