14-Foot Python Found on Side of Road on Long Island


Don't think this one is native to the northeast.

A 14-foot python was found on the side of road in Long Island in February, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation said.

The supersized snake was seen off a street in Medford on Valentine's Day, according to the DEC.

The reptile was dead, the department clarified, but they are still searching for its owner because it is illegal to keep the types of snakes as pets in New York.

It's the second scary and very out-of-place reptilian find in the area in a matter of weeks. A nearly 5-foot-long alligator was spotted in Brooklyn's Prospect Park in late February, which officials also believed to once have been someone's pet.

While the alligator was still alive, it was in poor condition and possibly shocked from the water. When the reptile was captured, it weighed only 15 pounds — less than half of what a gator of its size should weigh at its size and age, which officials estimated to be around five or six years.

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