4-Foot-Long Alligator Found in Brooklyn's Prospect Park

The 4-foot-long animal was in poor health, officials said

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A bizarre sight at Brooklyn's Prospect Park caught maintenance staff by surprise on Sunday.

Spotted inside the park was a 4-foot-long alligator that trained animal officials were able to capture the animal set loose. It's not clear how the animal got there.

"We’re grateful to our Parks Enforcement Patrol and Urban Park Rangers who snapped into action to capture and transport the alligator. Thankfully no one was harmed and the animal is being evaluated," a city spokesperson said.

Officials for the city say the animal was in poor condition and possibly shocked from the water. Alligators are obviously not native to the area.

Experts warn that exotic animals can harm local species and the environment. Additionally, releasing animals into city parks is illegal.

The reptile has since been removed to the Bronx Zoo where it will undergo rehabilitation.

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